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Miss Going to School?

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Yahoooo, I don’t think so, it turns out that the holiday period is over. After almost a month off, it’s time for students to return to their activities, it’s time to go back to school!!

So, how do you feel? There must be someone who is very excited because they can’t wait to meet school friends, or someone who can’t wait to wear a new uniform, new shoes, a new bag, a new set of school supplies, and everything that is completely new, eits but if the old one can still be used , don’t throw it away.

For those who go to class, you can’t wait to meet old friends and favorite teachers. What’s more, the seniors who can’t wait to make their new classmates (ups) can’t wait to get acquainted with the new school members. Especially for the middle class such as junior high school, high school and equivalent vocational school that will hold MOS activities. There will definitely be lots of exciting moments between seniors, juniors and teachers of course.

And don’t miss it, the funny things are our younger siblings in PG, Kindergarten and Elementary School who tomorrow will also try a new level of education. They will be like entering a new world. Wow!! It all sounds fun and interesting.

But remember, don’t let anyone still feel lazy to go back to school because it’s been too long a holiday. Those who usually wake up late, don’t shower all day, or play all day (admin vent? hehe) so they can’t anymore because they have to get up early, have a flag ceremony, and go back to struggling with books and a myriad of knowledge delivered by the teacher.

Well, well….

Prepare yourself, get the spirit for the first day of school, and say together…..


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